Suzy Dominguez, Artist • Phoenix, AZ

Suzy Dominguez, Artist • Phoenix, AZ

Suzy Dominguez, Artist • Phoenix, AZSuzy Dominguez, Artist • Phoenix, AZSuzy Dominguez, Artist • Phoenix, AZ

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Residential Painting by Suzy Dominguez

Artkeyologie is the art of soulful living through decorative paint and design. Your home is where the heART is and Suzy believes that your personal space should reflect your passions, interests and dreams. Together, we'll create a unique space and manifest your dreams into reality.


Artkeyologie creates unique office spaces that feel unique and inviting. We understand that the use of color and design is the key to evoke the desired response from your customers and employees. By combining visual effects with exciting color combinations, Artkeyologie can create the perfect mood for your office space. 


An accent wall can be the perfect way to add an interesting design element, break up an open room or add texture and depth to a traditional space. Patterns, color, stencils and three dimensional accents can have your room saying "wow" in as little as two days! 


An artful alternative to wall paper, consider a hand painted stenciled wall. Whether you desire a traditional allover design, a company logo or a custom pattern, Artkeyologie can find or create a stencil to suit your design perfectly. Let's collaborate! Tell us about your next project here


Typography, photography and digital artistry are combined to create dramatic effects to convey your business or organization to the world. Artkeyologie puts the art in graphic design for logos, sign design, advertising and web graphics.

All Suzy Dominguez originals.


Serendipitous discoveries juxtapose fashion, art, music and quotes with a modern twist. Digitally re-mixed fragments of masters paintings with engravings and tapestries, all collide with pop culture and the urban scene. Exploding in an exciting visual treat for the eyes!